3 continents
5 industries
40+ countries

Lived across 3 continents | Worked across 5 industries | Travelled to 40+ countries

That’s my story. And it’s still evolving.
Sit back and listen to my adventurous journey.

Stage 1: Learning

The humidity was intense; the focus was on me. I felt apprehensive, but after a short role play, the children calmed down and engaged. I could now deliver my message.

Talking about difficult subjects like domestic violence and child trafficking to school children in Ghana taught me about the importance of delivering a powerful and clear message.

My interest in communications began before then. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, I helped with the marketing communications, website and graphic design of our family business.

A passion for business and an unrelenting curiosity about the world around me led me to study a Master of Science in International Marketing at Manchester Business School.

I became fascinated by the multi-faceted topic of branding, and how it plays out in local, regional and global contexts. I learnt about the power of marketing communications and the complexities involved when trying to reach international markets. This culminated in my dissertation on the visual branding of specialty
coffee in the UK and China.

I’m Laura…

The spectacular Singapore skyline…

Stage 2: Doing

Masters degree completed, I was ready to put theory into practice. So I moved to Slovakia to work for a small events marketing company. It was while I was here I started my blog, where I share the knowledge and practical experience I’ve gained from working in branding and marketing across international markets.

Next, and after a fourteen-hour journey, I landed in Singapore to start another global marketing role working throughout Asia, Europe and America. This introduced me to the importance of culture and relationships when working across different continents. Living in Singapore and attending conferences within Asia taught me about different cultures and their foods. Two years passed happily…

I secured an exciting position at Kogan Page publishers in London. I worked alongside some amazing industry leaders, building their brand and developing global marketing strategies to drive sales of their books. With a passion for branding, I directed a brand-building video sequence and led the direction of the new website.

I worked my way up the corporate ladder to become Marketing Manager at SAGE Publications. From here, I took the leap to start my own business in 2018, helping companies build their brand.

The spectacular Singapore skyline…

Stage 3: Growing

And back to the present… I help ambitious businesses and entrepreneurs stand out online through strategic branding and design for websites and all things digital.

For me, branding is the foundation of all marketing. It’s more than just a logo. Everything you do is a reflection of your brand and forms an impression in the mind of your customers, prospects and followers. This includes the types of images you use on your website, the way you speak in your emails, and what you share on social media.

Successful branding requires that design and messaging are intrinsically linked. Design is created in light of the core message, brand personality and value proposition.

That’s why at Inspiratti we ensure the messaging and design work together to support and reinforce one another and convey the message you want to deliver.

And the view from Canary Wharf is impressive too…

Do you want to build a brand that captivates your audience and stands out from the competition?

I started Inspiratti to help growing businesses build their brand online through memorable messaging and design that engages customers and gets results.

So, they can:

  • build a visual identity and brand voice that customers recognise, trust and return to
  • create an experience with your brand that inspires new visitors and prospective customers
  • create a customer journey that delivers a human connection whilst also paving the way to a sale


Here’s why I’m different:

“I help businesses to discover their unique story and position so they can put more soul into their brand. Then showcase who they are with striking visuals and compelling messaging that attract, engage and move their ideal customer to action.”

Memorable branding – Focused on really getting to know your business and your target market, I am committed to creating a look and feel for your brand that is unique to you and helps you to stand out in today’s competitive landscape.

Smart strategy – Leveraging my global marketing experience, I start by understanding your goals, target market and competition so we can deliver design and messaging that attracts your target audience, create a seamless user experience and ultimately gets results.

Holistic outlook – My marketing experience in global corporations means I understand business objectives and how branding fits into the wider business strategy. From understanding your business in depth, we’ll work out how to leverage design and messaging to deliver results. After all, design and copy need to be aligned to succeed.

Ready to build a soulful brand that grows your business?

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