Live workshop for small business owners and entrepreneurs

How to stand out in a crowded online world

Discover how to attract and maintain the attention of your dream clients and stand out online (tip: in a way that doesn’t require posting daily or involve draining your budget).

In this workshop you will learn:

✓   The 3 keys you need to unlock your brand visibility online

✓   How to stand out and show up in a memorable way using the RCC method

   What consumers today really care about

   How to build strong connection and trust with your ideal client that doesn’t take months or years

  The magic ingredient that you can apply to every part of your business

Building your brand is crucial to growing your business


Are you struggling to raise your online visibility? Many small businesses struggle to get seen and heard online.

In today’s crowded online market, it’s not enough to simply have a website and be present on social media. To be seen and heard, you need something extra that makes people stand up and listen.

It’s not just about producing more content, being on more channels, and spending more money.

It’s also about the quality of the content you put out. It needs to attract and maintain the attention of your ideal clients. It needs to make you stand out. And it needs to have an impact that makes you unforgettable. Want to unlock the keys to find out how?

Join my free workshop to discover the 3 keys to boost your brand’s online visibility.

This workshop is a must attend if..

   You want to attract loyal clients that truly resonate with you

✓   You want to be confident you are sending the right message to your ideal clients

   You want to build a memorable online presence, that encourages people to remember you and return

✓   You want to build your reputation and authority to become the go-to person in your industry

   But: You don’t know where to start or what to priortise to stand out online

I personally invite you to join me live


I help entrepreneurs build brands with purpose, personality and impact. So, they can attract their ideal clients and grow their business.

Leveraging my Masters degree in International Marketing and living and working in 3 continents, I understand the ingredients businesses need to stand out and shine.

Many business owners tell me they struggle knowing where to start and what to prioritise when marketing their business. I get it – there’s a lot to think about.

This brand new workshop covers the most important building blocks to boost brand visibility online. It’s not just about being seen in more places or pushing out more content.

If you’re fully committed to boosting your brand visibility online, you can’t afford to miss this workshop.

See you there. Laura

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