Do you put a lot of thought into the fonts you use?

Or do you just pick something that is familiar, or catches your eye?

You may have beautiful images, compelling copy, and original design, but if the fonts don’t look good on your products and marketing materials, it could easily turn potential buyers off.

Let’s discuss why fonts matters for your brand.

Fonts are everywhere

Fonts are so pervasive. Anything that includes text includes some degree of typography.

Think about the marketing materials you produce. Most of them probably include some kind of text. Everything in your brand and marketing from your logo, website, flyers, banners, social media posts, emails, support documents, all include text. And that requires consideration of fonts.

As it’s such a huge part of your brand identity, it’s important you make the right choices. If you get them wrong, your marketing materials won’t perform at their full potential.

Consistency is important in branding. So, you want fonts that are going to work well across these different touchpoints.

Fonts can set the right impression

Different fonts have very different personalities. You want the fonts you choose to align with your brand’s personality and set the right mood for your business.

For example, is your business analytical, romantic, or energetic?

Whatever your personality, there is a font for you. Every typeface has a unique history, meaning, and purpose, which will portray a different representation of your brand and what your business is about.

There are many aspects of your brand which communicate your personality and you want to ensure your fonts align with these.

Fonts impact people’s experience

People might view a page of your website, view a graphic with text on social media, or see one of your banners when out shopping. Every time people encounter your brand, they will likely see words.

It’s important to create a positive experience wherever people interact with your brand.

Imagine if someone couldn’t read your message because the letters were difficult to distinguish or required extra effort to read? That wouldn’t create a good experience and it could leave a negative impression about your business. Fancy fonts can look cool, but you need to consider if they are appropriate for the context.

Good font choices usually go unnoticed and work silently for your brand. That’s because they make sense to people. They align with the message, the brand’s personality, and how they show up on other channels.

Fonts help to build recognition

Coca Cola, IBM, and Disney all have iconic fonts in their logo? We know who they are without even reading the words.

Whilst fonts play an important role in a logo, they help boost recognition when used in other parts of your brand.

Seeing the font might conjure up certain associations, memories, or feelings people have with your business. You want it to support the positive associations, and consistently using a well-chosen font will help you to achieve this.

In conclusion, fonts are one of the most powerful tools in design. They are a key element of your brand’s visual identity. They help create meaning and influence consumers’ feelings about your brand.

Choosing the right fonts not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your brand. It will help to improve the experience the consumer has with your brand and make it more inviting to explore what you have to offer.

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