You’ve probably included testimonials on your website, right?

But did you carefully consider where to place them or just dumped them into a testimonials page or randomly added them to any page?

You can be more creative with the placement of your testimonials. With a more strategic approach on the placement you will boost credibility, trust, and conversions too.

Let’s consider some great places to include testimonials on your website.


New visitors come on your homepage to learn more about your business and if your products and services are a good fit for them.

Placing testimonials on your homepage will immediately build trust with new visitors to your website. They will help reassure potential customers who are new to your world about the quality of your products and services.

As the homepage is an introduction to your business, add more general testimonials rather than those referencing a specific product. The testimonials may demonstrate your expertise, points of difference, or personality.

About page

Including testimonials on your about page helps to build credibility and trust by showing what others have to say about your business.

Incorporate testimonials that reinforce your company’s purpose or mission, supporting your values and reputation. Also, include testimonials that talk about the personality, skills, or expertise of the people inside your business to humanise your brand.

Product or services pages

Featuring testimonials on pages for specific products or services provides social proof and can alleviate any concerns customers may have. A compelling review next to a product or service will boost conversions because it shows visitors that others who have purchased had a positive experience, and it will give them the confidence that they will too.

On these pages, you should include those reviews that talk about the product or service specifically. They will help reinforce your message and give evidence to the benefits you claim.

Placing testimonials near the call to actions or pricing information will help to reinforce the value proposition and boost conversions.

Checkout page

Including testimonials on your checkout page will reassure people they are making the right decision by making the purchase. They will add social proof, boosting trust and credibility in your brand. They validate your product’s claims, showcasing real-life experiences of satisfied customers and making your offering more relatable.

Ultimately, testimonials can lead to higher conversion rates by instilling confidence in potential buyers and encouraging them to complete their purchase.

Landing pages

Featuring testimonials on landing pages for specific campaigns or promotions will help convince visitors to take the desired action such as making a purchase or signing up for a webinar.

Include testimonials that highlight the benefits or results of your offerings to encourage visitors to take action.

In conclusion, whilst you can have a dedicated testimonials page, they work more powerfully when integrated with the rest of the content.

Sprinkle testimonials throughout your website and link to a dedicated testimonials or case studies page with more examples.

Placement of testimonials requires thinking about what pages to include, which testimonials to place where, where to place them on the page.

Consider these questions:
Which pages should I feature testimonials on? e.g. homepage, a specific product page
Which testimonials should I feature on which pages? e.g. testimonials talking about a specific product on that product page.
Where should I place testimonials on the page? e.g. near a call to action, above the fold.

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