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You’ve landed on this page, so I’m guessing that you are looking for copywriting for your web pages or emails.

But you don’t just want any copy.

You want copy that is persuasive and focused on results. So that it will help you deliver on your ambitious sales targets.

Copy that still maintains a real human touch and speaks directly to your audience. It inspires them. Comforts them. Excites them. And it makes them want to take action right now.

You also want copy that engages your audience’s attention online as they skim your pages on their laptop screens and swipe to their latest mobile update.

If you want persuasive online copy with an engaging style that your target audience will enjoy reading, then you are in the right place.

Read on to find out how I can help.

I specialize in persuasive copywriting for web pages and emails that your audience will enjoy reading

How does this work?

“I understand digital. I’m focused on strategy. I write engaging copy”

Let’s break down these elements to understand how I’ll deliver on this promise.

1. Smart strategy that is focused on your goals

I’ll take time to really understand your target audience and your goals.

I’ll ask insightful questions and perform an in-depth analysis of your target audience.

This will enable me to craft copy that truly resonates with who you are trying to reach.


2. Engaging copy that your target audience will enjoy reading

I’ll write copy that will get (and retain) the attention of your target audience. Because they’ll actually enjoy reading it. I infuse all my copy with an approachable human voice that will speak directly to who you are trying to reach.

I’m not going to write corporate airless jargon. I write direct, straight-forward copy that is focused on building trust with your target audience.

My copy features inspiring stories and thoughtful call-to-actions relevant to your target audience and their stage in the journey with your company.

The result?

You will have built up trust with your audience and showed them how you can help.

They will be inspired to move forward with your business.

You’ll see a positive impact on the bottom line.

Curious to learn more? Contact me and we can talk.

Laura brings plenty of ideas to the table and did a great job at capturing the essence of our brand. Concise, clear and definitely compelling. George Fenton, Chief Executive

Humanitarian Logistics Association

Excellent results. Laura has a strategic approach. She takes time to understand my priorities and target audience in depth. She has a fresh approach to writing that is both interesting and engaging. Mark Millar

Speaker and Industry Thought Leader

Laura’s contributions to our site has resonated well with our audience. She has great insights into the topic she’s covered and has produced highly shareable articles that have performed well on social media. StartUp Mindset

How I’m qualified to write compelling online copy

With extensive experience in digital marketing, I know how to write copy for the web that will get (and retain) your prospect’s attention online.

My marketing management experience means I understand how copywriting fits into the wider marketing strategy. I don’t write copy in isolation. I write copy with a mind to how it will complement existing marketing activities.

I’m a Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer and have completed advanced coursework and passed a detailed review of my content and copywriting work. This means I am well-trained in proven copywriting and content marketing techniques.

A bit about me

Before starting Inspiratti, I was Marketing Manager at SAGE Publications, where I developed global marketing strategies and targeted copy for audiences around the world.

I have a Masters in International Marketing, supported by on the ground marketing experience in London, Singapore and Slovakia.

A tailored approach

I’ll deliver a personalized approach that takes your specific business objectives into account. Working with a small group of select clients enables me to really understand the companies I work with and deliver a more tailored (and effective) solution.
I’m sure you will be satisfied. That’s why you will be fully refunded if you are not happy with the final result. No questions asked.

What next?

You’ve reached the bottom of this page so I guess I’ve peaked your interest.

Get in contact with me on the form below and we can talk about your project in more detail.

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