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3 Pivotal Decisions to Build a More Powerful Brand

Don’t know where to start to build a stronger brand? Discover the 3 crucial decisions you must make to start building your brand with confidence and impact. Take 10 minutes a day in your coffee break to go through the challenge with me.

3 pivotal decisions to build a more powerful brand

In this 3-day coffee break challenge, you will:

✓   Gain Clarity: I’ll guide you through 3 crucial decisions, so that you can build a brand that truly attracts your ideal client. No more guesswork – just clear direction.
✓   Take Action: Each day, you’ll receive practical exercises to get you thinking and look at your brand with a fresh perspective. You can then take action and build these insights into your brand.
✓   Save Time: Save hours pondering what to do next. Instead, lean on my expert guidance and take the shortcut.
Don’t let the branding puzzle overwhelm you. Join me and discover the important decisions that will help your brand blossom.
small business branding challenge

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to branding your small business?


I get it – making branding decisions can be daunting, confusing, and sometimes even a bit overwhelming.

Branding can feel like a puzzle with missing pieces. It’s true there are many pieces, but when you know how to put them together, it isn’t so difficult.

That’s why I’ve designed this challenge just for you – the small business owner who’s ready to take the plunge and build a brand that speaks volumes, even on a shoestring budget.

This challenge is perfect for you if:

✓   You are not confident about your existing branding (or haven’t even started the process)

✓   You are ready to put more intention and meaning into your branding

✓   You are not sure where to start and want guidance on the steps you need to take

I personally invite you to join me


I help entrepreneurs build brands with purpose, personality and impact. So, they can attract their ideal clients and grow their business.

Leveraging my Masters degree in International Marketing and living and working in 3 continents, I understand the ingredients businesses need to stand out and shine.

Many business owners tell me they struggle knowing where to start and what to prioritise when marketing their business. I get it – there’s a lot to think about.

By breaking things down into 3 decisions, this challenge will prevent you from overthinking so you can make faster progress to build a brand that perfectly reflects you and attracts your ideal client.

See you there. Laura

Laura Nicole Brown Rosario Under Bridge
join my free branding challenge for small businesses

Ready to take the plunge and set your small business on the path to a stronger brand?


The journey begins with a single decision – the decision to join the Small Business Branding Challenge!

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Don’t miss this opportunity to turn your business into a brand that people will love and remember. I can’t wait to see you in the challenge!


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