Do you consider the style of the photographs you use?

Consistent image style means you have a clear look and feel across all the photos you use to represent your brand. It’s important because consistent style builds brand recognition – when people scroll past your Instagram post they know it’s you without seeing your handle. It also helps to build trust and confidence in your business as people know what to expect.

In order to achieve the right visual style for your brand, it’s important to have clarity on the style of your images. Let’s consider some of the factors you need to consider.

Colour palette

The colours in your images should match or complement your brand’s colour palette.

How do you incorporate your brand colours into the images you use? Once you know your brand colours, you can select photos that feature them. However, only using images that feature your exact brand colours would be quite limiting. Instead, aim to stick to similar hues and/or complementary colours. For example, if your brand uses muted tones, select photos that feature the softer and muted colours in your palette. Also try to ensure that your primary brand colours feature more prominently.

If you are working with a photographer or taking your own photos, think about how you can incorporate the colours into the clothes you wear, the props you use, and the background in the images. If your brand colours don’t naturally feature in the environment that you’re in, think of creative ways you can incorporate them. For example, can you feature an accessory, such as a notebook or mug, in your brand colours?

Exposure – light or dark

Do you want your images to be light and airy? Or do you prefer a dark and moody vibe?

It’s important that your images create the right atmosphere or mood. One that aligns with the vibe of your brand.

A dark and moody style tends to emphasise shadows and add an earthy tone to everything. On the other hand, a light and airy style tends to be brighter and exaggerate lighter parts of the image.

Temperature – warm or cool

Warm or cool? Temperature refers to how much warmth or coolness appears in a photo. The temperature of a photo has a big impact and can greatly affect someone’s impression of your brand.

Warm colours, such as yellow, orange, and red, bring to mind fire and heat. Cool colours, such as blue, green, and magenta, remind us of the sky, water, and ice. However, there are both warm and cool options for every colour.

Warmer photos can feel more inviting, cosy, or energetic. Cooler photos can look more serene, technical, or sophisticated.

You can change the temperature of a photo by applying a filter.

Saturation – bold or muted

The saturation of your photos affects the emotions your brand evokes. Do you want your brand to be bold and saturated, or soft and muted?

More saturated colours can evoke passion and fun. They are attractive to a younger audience. More muted colours are calming and sophisticated. They may attract a more mature audience.

For example, Sephora uses bright colours and high contrast to create a sense of excitement and youthful playfulness around their products.

In conclusion, images are an important asset in your branding. But to succeed you really need to identify an image style that represents your brand and be consistent in applying it.

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